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Membership services

The Membership Services Committee is newly established in May 2020 with the following Terms of Reference:


  • Grow membership through new acquisitions, retention, and to build a pipeline of prospects.

  • Enhance benefits of SLA membership.


Year 2020 would be called to mind, a pandemic year.  COVID-19 restrictions took a toll on businesses and SLA saw a lost of 43 members. A tough year notwithstanding, the Association managed to admit 46 new members, attaining a total of 609 members by the end of 2020. Understandably, the needs and challenges of our members remained our top priority. Despite the strict restrictions to hold physical meetings and events, the management team continued to call upon new members and engage existing members with regular discussions and checking on business sentiments through teleconference and phone calls.

membership growth
member growth.jpg
Membership admission

Ordinary Member

Qualifying Member

Associate Member

3B Express Logistics Pte Ltd

3R Bonded Warehouse Pte Ltd

ABC Marineland Services (Pte) Ltd

Aeris Dynamics Pte Ltd

Airpak Express Pte Ltd

Atlantic Container Line Pte Ltd

CAC Logistics Services Pte Ltd

Continental Shipping and Consulting Pte Ltd

Dachser (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Forcom Phase to Phase Pte Ltd

Freightmen Pte Ltd
Good One Logistics (S) Pte Ltd
Goodwork Trading Enterprise Pte Ltd
Intercontinental Logistics Pte Ltd
Interpak Industries Pte Ltd
Legend Logistics (Asia) Pte Ltd
Manuport Logistics Asia Pte Ltd
Martin-Brower Singapore Pte Ltd
Mattroy Logistics Pte Ltd
Moh Seng Cranes Pte Ltd

Naksu Pte Ltd
NGFS (Singapore) Pte LtdPte Ltd
Premiere Global Solutions Pte Ltd
Roadbull Logistics Pte Ltd
Santa Warehousing Pte Ltd
SG Integrated Pte Ltd
Taurus One Private Limited
UBTS Heavy Equipments Pte Ltd
WHS Logistics Pte Ltd
Worldlink A&O Pte Ltd

AFIC Logistics Pte Ltd
Ben Line Intergrated Logistics Singapore Pte Ltd
M+K Logistics Pte Ltd
Mitra Famosa International Private Limited

Nam Ho DMC Pte Ltd
Reudan International Pte Ltd
SMP Global Pte Ltd 
Vanda Logistics Pte Ltd

Assalaamu’alaikum Enterprise Pte Ltd
BS Technology Pte Ltd
Matchbox Exchange Pte Ltd
One Logis Pte Ltd

Smartcomm Electronics Pte Ltd
Swisslog Singapore Pte Ltd
Techies Logistics (S) Pte Ltd
Wiz Logtec Solutions Singapore Pte Ltd

Membership upgrade

During the year, 4 Qualifying Members that fulfil the stipulated criteria were upgraded to Ordinary Members. 


  • Qube International Pte

  • Hong Li Logistics Pte Ltd

  • Rulewave Logistics Singapore Pte Ltd

  • SJ Defence Services Pte Ltd

Membership Cessation

Ordinary Member

Qualifying Member

  • N-Box Shipping (S) Pte Ltd

Associate Member

Advant Logistics Pte Ltd 
AL-Barrak Singapore Intl Pte Ltd
Asia Pacific Wine Hub Pte Ltd
Bekins Commercial Installation (BCI) Asia Singapore Pte Ltd
Bluorbit Logistics Pte Ltd 
Century Machinery Mover Services Pte Ltd
Channel Kargo Services Pte Ltd 
Conveyor Logistics (S) Pte Ltd
Cory Brothers Shipping Agencies (S) Pte Ltd
Elite Legion Pte Ltd  
Entrepot One Pte Ltd

Global Projects Services Pte Ltd

Hup Tat Transport Pte Ltd
InfinOps Pte Ltd
ISC Far East Pte Ltd
JEAMS Transportation & Trading Pte Ltd
JEAMS Transportation & Warehousing

Pte Ltd
Kardin Logistics Pte Ltd
Kawah Enterprise Pte Ltd
Lim Logistics and Services Pte Ltd 
MEP Logistics Pte Ltd

Oriental Supply Pte LtdPremiere Logistics (S) Pte Ltd

Reudan Shipping & Logistics Services Pte Ltd
S&P Cold Storage Pte Ltd
Samsung SDS Global SCL Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Sea-Shore Transportation Pte Ltd
Trans-International Shipping & Forwarding (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Tuas Transport & Logistics Pte Ltd
UNL Shipping & Logistics Pte Ltd
Yang Kee Logistics (Singapore) Pte Ltd

AAK-Logistic Services
Assalaamu’alaikum Enterprise 
Commodities Intelligence Centre Pte Ltd
Enel X Singapore Pte Ltd 

Hi-Tech Freight Solutions (Spore) Pte Ltd
Linde Material Handling Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Logisfleet Pte Ltd 
Logistics Connection Private Limited

Pacific Trans Pte Ltd
Star Freight Services Pte Ltd
Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

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