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Emerging Stronger Taskforce

The Emerging Stronger Taskforce (EST) is co-chaired by Minister for Social & Family Development and Second Minister for National Development – Mr Desmond Lee and PSA International Group CEO – Mr Tan Chong Meng to provide recommendations to the Future Economy Council (FEC) on post COVID-19 economy. EST will look beyond the immediate challenges and plan for the longer term so that the Singapore economy can emerge stronger from this crisis. EST will widely consult multiple stakeholders, including business leaders, industry experts, and TACs. Given that the global COVID-19 situation is fluid and unpredictable, EST pans to present its recommendations to the FEC in phases, with its preliminary recommendations by early next year.

At the invitation of the EST co-chair and supported by GeTS, Ms Gina Toh represented SLA at the first meeting and gave a presentation on SME Logistics Service Providers’ Challenges. It was one of the channels for SLA to amplify the needs of the industry in this difficult time and provide direct feedback / ideas.

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