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Global Ready Talent Programme (GRT)

As a programme partner appointed by Enterprise Singapore (ESG), SLA facilitates internship placements and evaluate companies who wish to participate in the GRT - Local and Overseas internships for IHL students.

In view of the pandemic situation in early 2020, many companies were hesitant to onboard the program as their businesses were affected and there was no meaningful scope of work for the interns. Nevertheless, the SLA team pressed on to promote the good cause of getting companies onboard to nurture young talents for the industry. When Phase 2 commenced in June 2020, more companies began to explore this internship programme for local job positions. Overseas internships remain unattainable in view of travel restrictions.

The onboarding of interns began to stream in during the second half of Year 2020 and it is heartening to see the increase in the number of internship placements. This also signaled the upturn of the economy and companies are working to rebuild their businesses and networks. Feedbacks from interns have been very favourable as the internship facilitated their industry learning and skills acquisition which would enhance their employability in the near future. Companies are too delighted to play a part in nurturing the young talents in providing them the space to learn, explore and connect with business associates.

By the end of year 2020, the Association facilitated 74 company applications, of which 48 were active in engaging 217 interns locally. 27 companies have been profiled on the SLA website for their good work in nurturing young talents for the logistics industry.

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