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Recognising that effective human resource management results from combination of adoption of digital HR tool and human interactions, SLA collaborated with RecruiterPal to digitalise the recruitment process of member-companies. The collaboration introduced a personnel digital tool to members and empower their lean HR teams to simplify complex recruitment processes to reach out to talents easily. As part of member privileges, complimentary use of the basic features of the RecruiterPal is extended to all SLA members.

SLA envisions that the digital tool will minimise paperwork and release HR personnel with more time to mentor, coach and understand the work force. One important feature is ensuring that the company’s recruitment data collection practices are aligned with the best practices stipulated under PDPA and allowing jobseekers to manage consent easily is useful for the HR personnel.

A total of 23 participants from 14 members attended a workshop on 16 July 2020 to familiarise with the RecruiterPal digital platform.

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