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academic board


Mr Thomas Sim

TLA Director


Ms Ng Soo Hwa

TLA Director

Ms Jennifer Tan

Member, SLA Human Capital Development Committee

Mrs Chua Li Tzer

Deputy Director, Corporate Services & Human Capital Development


The Academic Board formulates the policies and procedures to ensure excellent academic quality and rigour, such as to:


  • Ensure that the content and duration of the modules or subjects, as well as the entry and graduation requirements of the course are appropriate.

  • Approve the deployment of lecturers based on the requirements stipulated by the Committee for Private Education.

  • Facilitate TLA in implementing and complying with the policies and procedures developed.

  • Review the academic policies and procedures at least once a year.


The Academic Board conducted two meetings on 27 May and 17 November 2020.  These meetings are important as the Board reviewed the quality training delivery of the synchronous e-learning through the feedback received from the participants which were very encouraging. Despite the Academy’s first attempt on synchronous e-learning, there were no lack of meaningful class interaction and learnings.


Feedback from students reflected in the Training Quality and Outcomes Measurement (TRAQOM) by SSG was favourable. TRAQOM aims to raise the quality of the SSG-funded CET programmes. There are 2 main features namely, the training quality and outcomes ratings as well as community feedback. These ratings are made open to the public for their reference before they register the courses.


The Board placed on record its appreciation to fellow lecturer Mr Daniel Chew, who responded to the urgent call to conduct an orientation session on synchronous e-learning on 22 April 2020. He generously provided practical tips on how to engage participants in an e-learning environment effectively.


By the end of 2020, big group gatherings were still prohibited and the annual TLA Graduation Ceremony for the graduates could not be held. Graduates collected their Diploma certificates at TLA.

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